Design Spotlight

Creating a commercial kitchen space your employees want to have lunch in

Research shows that office kitchens can boost employee productivity. Progressive workplaces are now seeing the value to a lunchroom that’s more than just a fridge and a few vending machines. Today we’ll highlight a few key elements you should have when planning your employee kitchen.

Make it Welcoming and Comforting
The kitchen should take the overall wellness of your employees into consideration. Ideally, it should be a space for employees to sit back and physically and mentally relax.

Set the Mood with Lighting
Natural lighting is best, so use those large windows if you have them. Alternatively, when natural light isn’t available you can create an atmosphere with artificial lights. Stay away from florescent, and go with the LED bulbs. Keep it bright and airy, but not too harsh. Think shades and lamps and nice overhead lighting in tandem for this room.

Design considerations
The ideal workplace kitchen should promote the overall wellness of your employees. You can accomplish this by creating an environment that allows employees to relax, both physically and mentally.

Cleanliness is Godliness
Encouraging employees to clean up after themselves requires readily available tools and supplies for cleanup. Food leavings and dirty dishes encourage vermin, and can pose a health hazard. By providing lots of sinkspace, a grabage can and a dishwasher you can avoid these situations.

Make it Cozy
Provide plenty of seating options and furniture. Tables, chairs, couches – all great ideas. You are creating a space for workers to relax and even collaborate. Providing outlets to charge technology is also a nice touch in a modern workplace kitchen!

The Options are Endless
We’d love to help you explore the options for your ideal kitchen. If you’ve been putting off a kitchen redesign at the office or even at home, please contact Southview Kitchens and Millwork today. We’d love to create an attractive space for you that fosters employee wellness and collaboration.

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