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Bar vs Island: What do you want in your kitchen?

Here in Halifax and all over the Maritimes, the kitchen is the true heart of the home. It’s not just a place to cook meals, but a place for friends and family to gather, and the site of our world-famous ‘kitchen parties.’ The experts here at Southview Kitchens and Millwork know kitchens like no others, and specialize in creating beautiful kitchens that showcase both function and form.

A common kitchen upgrade that adds storage space, counter space and looks great is an island or a bar. Which will work for you? Well it really depends on the available space, kitchen dimensions and planned use. Sometimes an island is ideal, sometimes a nice breakfast bar or nook – and occasionally some kitchens have both! Read on, and see which is right for you.

A Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a standalone unit, that adds storage and countertop space and sometimes even additional seating. Islands are usually located in the centre of the kitchen, and their amenities differ from home to home. Some will integrate stovetops, ovens, cabinets, drawers, and even additional seating. Many will use the island as a table, eliminating the need for a dining room table – or complimenting it for lighter fare like breakfast and lunch. Islands are usually found in more ‘square’ kitchens than rectangular, as they require that extra space in the middle of the room.

A Kitchen Bar

The kitchen bar, also known as a breakfast bar or kitchen peninsula, is similar to a kitchen island. It can also add more storage space, counter space, and additional seating. The major difference is that the bar attaches to an existing countertop or wall, giving only three sides to use. Bars are more common in ‘rectagular’ kitchens, as the shape lends itself to the more compact design. Bars are also very common in open space kitchen/dining room designs, providing a great soft separation between the two rooms. In this case, it can provide storage on both sides for both rooms, and excellent bar-style seating.

Create Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Island or kitchen bar? Learn which is right for you by letting the experts at Southview Kitchens and Millwork help you design and build your dream kitchen. Our seasoned craftspeople will be happy to work with you to ensure every last detail is addressed.

Need work beyond cabinetry? As a member of the Ridgeback Group of Companies, we provide full contracting and electrical services alongside our core business of unsurpassed cabinetry and millworking.

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